What Grapeseed Oil Can Do for Your Hair

What Grapeseed Oil Can Do for Your Hair

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What Grapeseed Oil Can Do for Your Hair

One of the best kept secrets of celebrities and Hollywood personalities is the use of grapeseed oil. Popularly used for cooking and for the skin, what most people dont know is that it can also be used for the hair. And though grapeseed oil benefits are not all that popular, you would be surprised to find out that it is actually good for the hair.

Grapeseed oil, which can be commonly seen in grocery stores, comes from pressed grape seeds. It is lightweight, colorless, and odorless, making it very versatile. But the question remains: is grapeseed oil good for hair?

Because of its moisturizing and regenerative properties, it has become one of the most popular ingredients for cosmetic products, aromatherapy, and even shampoos and conditioners. Compared to other oils that can also be used for the hair, it can easily be absorbed into the skin and hair much faster. And since it is lightweight, grapeseed oil for hair wont weigh you down, so its not at all irritating or annoying to use.

grapeseed oil for hair

Probably one of the best reasons why you should use grapeseed oil for hair is the fact that it is odorless. It is common knowledge among women who are generally concerned with the condition of their hair that oiling it is beneficial, but some are turned off with the idea because some oils have a strong smell to it, and some may even leave traces of its scent. But since grapeseed oil is odorless, you wont have to worry about the scent at all.

Since its texture is non-greasy, grapeseed oil for hair wont be an oily messy job to do, so people who are very particular about certain things will not get turned off by it.

A great reason for using grapeseed oil for hair is to ward against dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. A number of studies have proven that with continued use of grapeseed oil for hair, there will be a reduction, if not an elimination of the problem.

For those that are still skeptical about using grapeseed oil for hair, know that grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid, two things that will strengthen your hair. Specifically, it works by strengthening the hair follicles, thereby making the hair tougher and healthier.

Whatever your hair type is; whether it is dry, normal, or oily, grapeseed oil for hair is for you. And especially for those that have dry, rough, and frizzy hair, grapeseed oil can prove beneficial as it has been proven to smooth out hair cuticles while sealing in the moisture. So no longer will you have to opt for those harsh chemicals just to maintain a healthy, smooth hair.

And if your hair has been severely damaged because of all the hot oil treatments, flat iron and blow dryer you have been using, using grapeseed oil for hair will protect you against the heat and also help mend your hair, so you wont have to worry about heat-damaged hair and for heat ever damaging it.

But for those that already have a recipe for their hair, something organic, like other essential oils, that they have been using to help their hair grow or become healthier, you can simply add it with grapeseed oil as it is a great carrier oil. Can be easily diluted, you wont just get the benefits of other essential oils, but you will also get the benefits of grapeseed oil for hair.

But how does one apply grapeseed oil for hair? Aside from the traditional massaging it all over the hair and scalp, leaving it for a minimum of 5 minutes and washing it off, there are other methods and recipes you can try out to ultimately help your hair.

One of the popular methods of applying grapeseed oil for hair is through a hot oil treatment. To do this, just take 4 to 6 tablespoons of grapeseed oil, you can mix it with other ingredients like lavender or rosemary essential oils, and just heat it up. Once it is warm, massage it into your hair and scalp. Leave it on for half an hour covered by a towel or a shower cap, and after that just rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

If you want a deep conditioning treatment, mix 4 tablespoons of the oil with 5 drops of cypress essential oil, the juice of half a lime, and 2 yolks because of the eggs proteins, it will help nourish your hair. Massage the mixture into your hair and scalp and leave it there for 15 minutes. When the time is up, wash it off with warm water its that simple.

Another recipe you can try out is with 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil, a teaspoon of coconut oil, a drop of patchouli oil, and one egg that is in room temperature. Thoroughly mix them together, slather it on all over your hair and cover your hair with either a towel or a shower cap. After 20 minutes, rinse it off with mild shampoo and you will end up with hair that has been well-conditioned.

So there you have, several ways of grapeseed oil for hair easy to do and extremely beneficial.


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  1. I was not familiar with it, but I saw it in whole market food. I never ever became aware of it, actually. Because most ppl discussing Jojoba oil for hair and how great it is for skin. Also coconut oil. However I have not found out about grapeseed oil. Why is that? What is advantage of it, why is it not as popular as those oils like jojoba and coconut oil. Anything bad?

    • many oil have properties suitable for hair, you will just have to experiment on wich is best for you hair

  2. i have long small wavy black hair, my hair is dry so I use grapeseed oil to make it less dry looking and glossy. I wanna make my hair directly without using straightener too and i heard that aloe vera gel helps? so when and how do I use aloe Vera gel on my hair since I’m also utilizing the grapeseed oil?

  3. I got my hair dyed about 10 days back, is it all right to oil it with grapeseed oil or will the hair color not have settled yet?

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